Senok Tea Pvt. Ltd.

From the initial design of packs to the final stage of packaging and delivery, Senok Tea has a  range of in-house services and resources available to meet the most specific customer requirements.

We are presently involved in the production and export of:

  • Straight line & Blended Flavour and unflavoured teas in bulk.
  • Consumer and presentation packaging in string & tag tea bags and or envelopes according to demanding specifications given by our clientele.

 Our factory operates with two brand new Perfecta tea bagging machines installed in 2011, 10 of CONSTANTA machines and three IMA-C21 tea bagging machines all with string, tag and envelope production facility.

 We have the capacity to produce 1.9 million tea bags per day in total.

Packing of orthodox. CTC and flavoured tea in string & tag bags printed cartons and in specialty packaging such as metal caddies, ceramic containers, wooden boxes, mat packets and porcelain caddies.

We accommodate any private label packing requirements to any specifications. We specialize in in-house manufacturing of high quality wooden tea boxes that are guaranteed to meet any customer specification for gift packs.

Package Design – Our in-house graphic design team comprises of some of the best designers in the country who have won the hearts of many reputed brand names the world over due to their exceptionally creative designs. They are responsible for all visual merchandise for our products and are on hand at any given time to create tailor made packaging designs for customers with any design requirement.


We are proud  that our production line is in compliance with  ISO 9001/2008, HACCP and FSMS(ISO 22000/2005) standards.


Tea Tasting – Our in-house tea tasting exports have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the age old tradition of tea tasting. They are available for consultation and assessment of any given product or to create special blends according to customer requirements.

Tea Blending – For many years, our master blenders have been creating the best blends of tea at the most economical prices for various parts of the world by using quality teas.

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