Hydro Power

Mark-Hydro Pvt. Ltd.

Having understood an urgent need of the nation, the Senok Group also contributes to the national grid through its mini hydropower projects operated through its subsidiary Senok Mark Hydro. In May 1999, a joint venture was established between the Senok Group and a leading hydropower company to serve this purpose.

The first of Senok’s hydropower projects has been in operation for the past 3 years and is located on Carolina Estate in Watawala. A small tributary of the Mahaweli River has been used for this project. The veer has been constructed across this stream as well as a powerhouse 40m below, and a Gilkes Horizontal turbine from the UK installed within. This has the capability of producing 1.5Mw of hydro energy.

Senok has also started on the running of a 2.7Mw and 4.0Mw hydro energy project which would be completed shortly. The future for the energy industry looks bright as Senok has already identified the potential for Wind Power generation in Sri Lanka!