AIR SENOK – Truly Sri Lankan, the helicopter airline service was launched by His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the 24th of January, 2012. AIR SENOK is a truly Sri Lankan owned airline.

AIR SENOK’s two brand new Eurocopter aircrafts were manufactured in France and are referred to as the “Next Generation” of the Helicopter Industry. These aircrafts are sought after worldwide for their performance, versatility, safety, competitive acquisition and low maintenance costs. Eurocopter manufactures 60% of the commercial and passenger configured helicopters in the world.

The flexibility of the aircraft allows it to be configured into many different missions. The aircrafts will provide clients from the corporate, commercial, diplomatic missions and even tourists with a personal and professional service and a fast travel option.

These helicopters are 30% faster than other helicopters of this class in Sri Lanka.  These fully air conditioned state of the art helicopters excel in hot conditions and very high altitudes. They broke records when a standard production aircraft landed on top of Mount Everest in 2005.

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These helicopters feature Lamborghini designed leather upholstered seating and state of the art glass cockpits equipped with the latest technology available in advanced aircrafts. Passengers can take in a breathtaking view of Sri Lanka.

In addition to the passenger charter services which offers aircrafts with seating capacity of up to 6 passengers on board, the aircrafts can also be used for different missions such as aerial work and photography, emergency medical evacuation services and an under slung external cargo carrying operations.

AIR SENOK has a fully authorized service facility by Eurocopter France & Germany. The pilots have also been trained by competent French Eurocopter pilots. The Hangar in Ratmalana is a fully approved facility of Eurocopter.

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